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A Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) manages local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) that use Cisco routers and switches. CCNA career and find out if it's the right career move for you. Opportunity to specialize your CCNA certification in security, voice or wireless can work anywhere that utilizes networking technologies (telecommunications providers, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, computer firms, financial institutions, etc


Duration: 80Hrs

Networking basics: Network Classification, Topologies, ISO 7 Layer OSI Model, TCP/IP 4 Layer Model, Cisco 3 Layer Model, Network Expansion Component

IP Addressing: Classful/Classless address, reserved addresses, Sub netting & Summarization - VLSM, CIDR, FLSM.

Managing Cisco IOS: Installation, configurations and backup restoring IOS.

Routing protocols: Distance vector protocol, Link state protocols, hybrid protocol

Routing types: Static Route, Default Route, Dynamic routing [RIP V1, RIP V 2, EIGRP, OSPF] Redistribute, Multiple Area OSPF configuration and trouble shooting.

Managing Switching technologies:

Operational Principles, MAC Address, Remote management of switch, Port Security, VLAN Basics, Trunking, ISL & 802.1 q standards, VTP, Preventing loops using STP & RSTP, BPDU Guard, Inter-VLAN Routing, Ether channel and Troubleshooting. Configuring Switch port security, violation, shutdown, sticky and Mac-address.

Configuring and verify Syslog and SNMP v3

Layer 3 Switch: configuration of L3 switches DHCP, VLAN and IP routing.

Network Security: configuring Standard Access-list & Ex-standard Access-list Named & numbered, Particular services, host and network and HTTP Permit.

WAN: WAN technologies, WAN protocols HDLC, PPP, frame relay

Password Settings: Enable password, Secret password, Console password, Telnet password, Auxiliary password for router and Switches. Password Recovery.

IPV6 Address: IPV6 types, link local address, unicast routing, OSPF V3 configuration.

Trouble Shooting: Router and Switches trouble shoot commands and technical updates.

Exit Profile

Network Administrators, Network support Engineers, Network Technician, infrastructure engineer, IT Engineer

Certifications: 200-125 Cisco Certified Network Associate